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Welcome to the new home for the Feline-CRF-Support Group!

As of the morning of 11/7/2019, it looks like everyone & everything has finally arrived!  Please check your email for further information.

This is the original online support list started in February, 1997 for cats with Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) and Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).  It's a caring, supportive, and safe place to share feelings, get information, and exchange ideas. You'll find a wide range of people here:  from worried newcomers to seasoned "old hands" who've successfully cared for their CRF cats for months and years; from the grief-stricken who've recently lost a beloved companion to those who've stayed to help others after their kitties have passed on.

Please Note: when you first join, you'll receive several initial emails. Please take time to read them -- they answer questions newcomers often have by explaining how this group works. Taking a few minutes up front to read the initial emails will help you to quickly get the most out of your participation here.

Need a quick introduction to CRF?  Watch Cornell University's Cat Owner's Guide to Kidney Disease.

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